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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today is the last day of inktober. Thank you guys so much for coming along with me on this ink challenge journey.Kurama Mud bath



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#Inktober2017 3rd.Week

Tree Flying squirrel Charon Penguin Dog chilling in the pool Rapping frog

Frilled lizard

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#inktober2017, 2nd Week!

Here are the sketches I created this week+ a time lapse video of the first drawing of the week!

Surfing sloth

UnicornExpecto patronumGrave yardDancing octopusSkunkBook lover

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#Inktober2017 Week 1.

So instead of publishing daily, I decided to create a weekly post with all the sketches I have created so far for the #Inktober2017 challenge Singing monster Splatter paint cat Owl sketch

East rock Park Summit


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#Inktober Challenge!

Yesterday, one of those crazy sleepless/ productive nights I was trying to find a challenging way to stretch my artistic “muscles,” and I came across this awesome challenge called Inktober created by Jake Parker. The rules of the challenge are simple.  1) Make a drawing in ink. 2) Post it online 3)Repeat every day of October. Now, even though I miss the first eight days of the month, I decided to take the challenge and create and post an ink drawing every day for the reaming of the month. The themes of my drawings will vary from monsters (is Halloween month and I LOVE IT! “Insert my crazy witch laugh here”) to still-life drawings and everything in between….So follow along as I explore different ink techniques throughout October. #Inktober #Inktober2017IMG_20171009_180130636-2


October 9, 2017 · 7:33 pm